Torch Battery 18650 Rechargeable Battery for Flashlight (Button Top)


GENUINE NCR18650B 3400mAh Button Top Torch Battery Flashlight or Doorbell Battery (Pack of 3 Rechargeable Batteries)

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Panasonic NCR18650B 3400mAh 3.7V Li-ion BUTTON TOP Torch Battery Elemex
Torch Battery 18650 Rechargeable Battery for Flashlight (Button Top) $45.00

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Torch Battery NCR18650B 3400mAh Panasonic Li-ion 3.7V BUTTON TOP (Genuine)

[Pack of 3 Batteries]

Ideal for Flashlight / Torch / Doorbell

 +Free Carry Case

What’s the best 18650 battery and what type to choose?

Panasonic 18650 Batteries are available in THREE following models/sizes:

Flat Top (65mm~ Long | Button Top (67mm~ Long) | PROTECTED Button Top (70mm~ Long)

NCR18650B Variations – Flat Top vs Button Top vs Protected version
NCR18650B Variations – Flat Top vs Button Top vs Protected version

Three Types of Panasonic NCR 18650 B 3400mAh Li-ion Torch Battery

Please carefully measure your device’s battery compartment and choose the correct version. (e.g., Most Doorbells and Solar Cameras ONLY work with Button Top ( 67mm~ version). Another factor that needs to be considered is an 18650 Lithium Battery Discharge Rate, as some devices (e.g., Power Tools) require High Discharge or High Drain batteries to supply a high amperage in a shorter time on demand.

Note: Unlike several generic products in the market claiming unrealistic high capacities, we ONLY supply GENUINE and fresh batteries. Each cell is tested before dispatch.

Product Features:   

  • Capacity (Ah): 3.4 Ah Max (3400 mAh) Min (3250 mAh)
  • Nominal Voltage (V): 3.6 ~ 3.7 V
  • Charging Voltage (V): 4.2 V 
  • Charging Current (Ah): 1 Ah (1000 mAh)
  • Cut-off Voltage (V): 2.5 V 
  • Energy (Wh): 12.2 Wh
  • Energy Density (Wh/L): 730 Wh/L
  • Max. Discharge rate (C): 2C (Recommended Max current 6.8 A)
  • Pulse current (Ah): (5-6 sec.): 12 Ah 
  • Weight (g): 48 g (+/- 0.5 g)
  • Model: NCR18650B (Button Top) 
  • Made in Japan

Package Includes:             

  • 3x Genuine Panasonic NCR18650B (Button Top) Rechargeable Battery for Torch / Flashlight
  • Battery Carry Case

Panasonic NCR18650B Discharge Table
Panasonic NCR18650B Discharge Table
Panasonic NCR18650B Cell Genuine vs Counterfeit
Panasonic NCR18650B Cell Genuine vs Counterfeit


    • Never wholly discharge a Li-ion battery (below 2.5V under load).
    • Charge fully to 4.2V before first use.
    • Never use force to install (insert) a Li-ion battery.
    • Do not use old and new battery cells together.
    • Use only a high-quality battery charger.
    • Do not remove the heat shrink/wrapping cover (it must be used as it is).
    • Do not expose to heat, NOT penetrate or modify.
    • Do not short (connect) positive (top), and negative (bottom) battery terminals (contacts).
    • Keep a battery, not in use in a plastic holder (or any insulating [plastic] container).
    • Never charge the battery over 4.25V (another reason to use a high-quality battery charger).
    • Do not charge unattended nor overcharge unprotected cells.

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Weight 250 g
Dimensions 35 × 20 × 5 cm





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